De-accessing tonight!

Kaden had a much better night. Late yesterday afternoon, his rash had started to clear & he was able to get some much needed rest. 😴 He slept off & on for most of the afternoon until around 10pm. He woke up & decided that he was hungry but after trying to eat, felt quite nauseous. 

Overall, Kaden has been pretty good today, he has even managed to eat a few pieces of vegemite toast which is fantastic, considering he wasn’t able to eat anything, when he was on this type of chemo previously. 

The doctors have decided that they will complete Kaden’s antibiotics tonight & de-access him from his port giving him more freedom to venture out of the ward 😃

Over the last few days, Liam & I have been spending a bit of time in the newly refurbished starlight room. This has given us both a bit of time off the ward, but also more time for Liam to play with some of the other kids who also have siblings in the hospital. 


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