Night time swims & family time 

With the hot weather here in Perth & Kaden not being able to swim in public pools, (due to the risk of infection after the liver transplant), we have been spending our evenings at the beach 😃 We have been having a fantastic time & enjoying quality family time & getting outside in the fresh air.

The boys have both been going great at school! Kaden has done well keeling on top of his school work & Liam has been behaving amazingly in class 😃

We have also started Kaden on a new drug. It has been used in trials as an inhibitor. He’s been experiencing an upset stomach occasionally from it, but he also understands how important it is to continue taking it & has been doing a great job with little complaints about the horrible taste.

On nights like tonight where we are able to enjoy ourselves, we think of our donor, their family & the amazing gift they gave to Kaden. I haven’t mentioned the words ‘liver transplant’ or ‘organ donation’ much on previous posts, however I think it’s time. I myself have been listed as an organ donor since converting my licence from p’s to full licence. It’s not something I really ever spoke to anyone about, it was a question that was asked on a form at Vic Roads. After a little consideration I ticked the box thinking “my organs are no good to me when I’m gone & someone else can use them” & that was pretty much how I became listed as an organ donor. It wasn’t till our world was turned up side down, that I realised just how much being an organ donor would matter to us. It’s not always a subject that families want to talk about, I had mentioned how I felt & that I was listed, to Lee over the years. If it’s not a discussion that you have had with your family or something that you have thought about, please do so. Without our donors amazing family, Kaden would not have this second chance at life. If you would like some more information on becoming an organ donor, please visit


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