Little Trooper

Kaden got into the spirit of the Anzacs this week making a Poppy card in the School at the hospital (see the photo). Kaden was admitted into hospital on Thursday night as he has had a fever. Our brave little trooper also managed to make some new friends at the hospital and they watched a movie together. Even Nana managed to share this time with the boys. Hopefully  Kaden’s temperature will be managed soon so that he can return back home. Sending our love and strength. xo

Remote Control Car Fun

Here are some photos from yesterday where the K-man and the family got outside to have some fun with their new remote control car. This is a serious remote control car, and sooo much fun! Little Liam was squealing with excitement! Great to see the family outside enjoying themselves, and Kaden getting into it. 🙂

Kaden had another quick visit to hospital today for another dose of chemotherapy, and next week he will be returning to hospital for in-hospital treatment for the week. We wish him all the best. xoxo

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Shooting Hoops!

A couple of weeks ago, Uncle Callum, Uncle Cameron, Auntie Nicole and Courtney gave the boys a basketball shootout game and set this all up for them. It electronically records your score, and all the family has had lots of fun with it, with a bit of friendly competition 😉 , and a great distraction. Obviously Kaden hasn’t been able to spend a lot of time shooting, but last night he managed to have another go (see the photo below). Go K-man! What a trooper!

Thanks so much to Uncle Callum, Cameron, Auntie Nicole and Courtney. xoxo

IMG_2221 IMG_2222

Family Time

Kaden has been home since last Friday, apart from having a relatively quick chemo treatment yesterday (Wednesday). The first few days after the treatment were quite tough for Kaden and family, but it is great to hear that he is feeling better the last few days. I had the pleasure of speaking to the K-man on the phone last night as he has embarked on his latest jigsaw puzzle – a Disney puzzle. He described the puzzle as having every Disney character from the Movies and proceeded to name them off to me. It was so great to speak to him, and a precious moment for me 🙂

With Liam on School Holidays, and Kaden feeling a bit better, the boys have spent some time playing xbox, doing puzzles, “shooting some hoops” (more to come on that), and watching movies.

Home Again

As planned, Kaden returned home, on Friday night after his 3rd round of chemotherapy. Although his pain is now mostly under control, this round of chemo drugs have made him feel quite sick. This was not unexpected and as a result they had to reduce his feeding so that his body could tolerate it. He is feeling a bit better each day now and is increasing his food intake accordingly, with Mum and Dad monitoring it closely. The aim being to regain some weight and strength so that he can get out and about again. 🙂

When Kaden is feeling well he is still watching some movies such as the Fast and Furious series, continuing puzzles and of course watching some Footy with Dad and Liam. <3

Keep up the good work guys, and we all wish you our love, and continued strength.

Round 3 Update

Hello Everyone. Just a quick update on Kaden’s progress through this 3rd round of chemotherapy. Kaden has been alternating between the chemo drugs, and a saline drip since Tuesday. So far, so good. At this stage we are hopeful that he will return home tomorrow (Friday) night. This will obviously depend on how he reacts to the treatment. This treatment has more of a tendency to cause nausea, which the wee man has experienced. They are monitoring this closely to make sure he is as comfortable as possible.

Kaden has been keeping himself busy watching movies, playing Clash of Clans on his iPad, doing some more puzzles, and playing some xbox (he managed to get some new games). 01e5d202019ef34a114f1495ee95bfc47413c05793 012dab9a8fc6815eeff3d13e163f90c80f651b97b1

Round 3 starts

Kaden will be starting his 3rd round of chemotherapy on Tuesday (7/4). This will be a different set of chemotherapy drugs from the first 2 rounds. It is expected that he will remain in hospital for the 5 days of this treatment round. Hopefully he will be returning home again on Saturday night. Since being on the feeding tube, for about 10 days now, he has managed to regain back around 2 kilograms in weight. This is a great achievement, and this will provide him with the extra strength needed, going into this next round. We all sending our love, strength and best wishes to Kaden and the family for this time. xoxo

Kaden’s Super Teacher and Classmates

Below is a picture of the front cover of a book created by Kaden’s classmates at Meadow Springs Primary School J15. Each member of the class contributed to the story. Kaden’s teacher Jen Donahue, has kept in contact with Kaden and the family on a weekly basis, visiting him in hospital, and coming on the weekends to visit him at home. This book is a wonderful way to keep the connection going with school and his classmates, as well as being great for reading, and narrative writing. Warm thank goes to Jen, and the class of J15. xoxo


This morning the lovely people at Chipmunks opened their Play Centre in Mandurah early so that Kaden and Liam, and a couple of special friends could have the place to themselves. By all accounts this was the best morning that Kaden and the family have all had in a long time. It is so fantastic that Kaden was able to get out and do some of the normal things a 7-year-old boy would be doing. Thanks so much to the staff at Chipmunks for giving the family this opportunity. Happy Easter everyone! xoxo012dcc77bad52c5a694677d41615661d755326bc09

Thank You!

A big thank-you goes out to everyone who has given their support and encouragement to Kaden and his family. At this stage the donations through the bank account have raised almost $9000! (that is not to mention all the money raised through the mycause site!). Thank-you so much to all those wonderful generous people.

I recently had the privelage of staying with the family in their home for just over a week and I was able to witness first-hand how important it is for BOTH Finn and Lee to be at home to care and support Kaden for as long as possible. The money from the donations helps them to continue doing this. The donations are helping to pay the mortgage, car expenses (140 km return trip to hospital), bills, and other living expenses.

Thank-you everyone, and keep the love and support coming! xoxo