Growing Stronger

Over the past few days Kaden has been slowly increasing the size of his special nutrient feed through the feeding tube. At the same time the K-man has been having various other meals as well. A big hit was Dad’s special chicken with mayonnaise. All this good work has paid off yesterday morning, when checking his weight, he had put on almost 1 kg in just a few days! That is a great achievement by Kaden, and his family. There has also been a noticeable improvement in his energy levels over the past few days. Keep up the great work guys, as the K-man grows stronger! 🙂

Getting the Nutrients

Yesterday Kaden went back into hospital early in the morning, and had a feeding tube put in, before returning home again in the afternoon. Naturally the K-man was not too pleased with having to get this done, however this is going to help him to gain some weight and give him all the good nutrients that he needs, before entering his next round of Chemo after Easter. The feeding tube will take a day or so before it softens up and becomes more comfortable for the wee man; but last night at home the little trooper was already getting used to it. Mum and Dad were doing a fantastic job in operating the feeding tube after receiving their crash course at the hospital. A great benefit of the feeding tube is that Kaden can now just eat when he feels like it, and that it can still feed him while he is asleep.

In around a weeks time it is expected that Kaden will be a different person, with more energy, and feeling a whole lot better. 🙂

Puzzle Therapy

A great way to pass the time, and zone out for a while has been doing puzzles. The McDevitts have all contributed to the latest 1000 piece puzzle over the past few days, and some teachers from Kaden’s school started them off. This puzzle has proved quite a challenge with its full pallate of colours.

Kaden was a star today, picking up and putting in several pieces; see the photos with him and his Dad. It was great to see him showing patience, and concentrating to put the pieces in. Thanks to Kaden, the puzzle is nearly completed!IMG_2211IMG_2220

Round 2 completed

Kaden finished his 2nd round of chemotherapy yesterday, and has gone back home for rest and recovery. His pain is better managed this time around, and last night he managed to sleep through the night.

At this stage he is expected to start a 3rd round of chemo in 2 weeks time. It is expected that this 3rd round will be an in-hospital stay. He needs to try very hard to stock up on his tucker in the next 2 weeks, so as to give him strength going into this next round. This is no easy feat, as the poor man is obviously not feeling his best. Mum and Dad are doing a fantastic job, trying all sorts of food and giving Kaden lots of encouragement. He has done very well so far today, having some baked beans on toast, corn chips, cheese and bacon roll, and 2 protein drinks! Keep up the great work Kaden! xoxo

Captain America supports the real Superhero

Close friends of Kaden’s Auntie Lan and Uncle Craig, Scott (alias Captain America) and Tania; along with another friend David, competed in the “Run for the Kids” 15km run in Melbourne on Sunday in 31 degrees! David was hoping to run in an Ironman suit, but unfortunately this did not arrive in time.

David, Scott and Tania on the Bolte Bridge

Stay Brave Kaden!
They compete in race every year, but this year took on extra special meaning for the Brave little man’s battle. Captain America posted the real superhero a message, and his response was “WOW!” 🙂 Thanks so much guys for the wonderful support. Just awesome! xoxoIMG_2203[1]

Team Kaden

On Friday, Kaden’s Uncle Callum and his little brother Liam have joined in with Kaden’s dad Lee to show their support by shaving their heads. In the lead up to doing this, they had a wonderful afternoon with Kaden, coloring their hair first, and then shaving them into mohawks. Kaden was involved throughout the whole process including doing the shaving himself, and he had an absolute ball. Thanks so much Uncle Callum and all involved. Keep up the good fight Kaden! xoxo

Day 4 Round 2

The LEGO Movie super cycle chase
The LEGO Movie super cycle chase

Today we are busy building a new Lego movie set called “Super Cycle Chase”. Lego has been a fantastic way to pass the time while we are here at the hospital and also at home.

Earlier today, we attempted to complete a 3D Star Wars puzzle which got the better of us and is still waiting to be finished.

3D Star Wars Puzzle
3D Star Wars Puzzle


Fun with Cousins

Kaden received a very special gift this morning and he had the biggest smile Mum and Dad had seen for quite a while. A Chess set! He then proceeded to beat his cousins Maddy and Hannah in a couple of games! Well done Kaden! I can’t wait to have a game with you!

Check out the concentration on Hannah’s face, as she takes on the Chess Master! 😉

Below is Kaden’s lego collection and the girls. Big thanks to Auntie Linda for sharing this. xoxo