Blood & Platelets

Due to the harshness of the chemo, Kaden’s blood test showed that his platelets & haemoglobin were quite low, so he has received a transfusion of each. This wouldnt be possible without the generous blood donations that people give. Tonight I read on the blood delivery van that “1 in 3 people will require blood” but that only “1 in 30 donate”. There’s lots of people that are unable to, due to their previous place of residence or for a medical reason but if you haven’t donated & are willing to give it a go, please do. It’s so important that kids like Kaden who desperately need blood & platelets receive them.
Tonight when I arrived at the ward to swap out with Lee, I could here what sounded like very loud carols being played. Much to my suprise it was an actual choir from the Sydney men’s group. They sounded absolutely sensational! 😃


Tonight, Kaden has a bit more energy & is happy singing along to the song on the cartoon 😃