School award, choir & lifeĀ 

We have been making sure we’re all living life & spending lots of quality family time together. The boys have been loving all the fun activities we have been doing like the movies & bowling, just to name a few! 

One of the goals Kaden set this year, was to achieve his ‘Advanced Standing’ award. This award is the highest award in the school & is quite challenging to obtain. We are so proud of Kaden ā¤ļø

Kaden is on 6 weekly check ups with the liver & oncology teams. He is having scans every 3 months & is still on around 10 meds a day. Being the amazing boy he is, he just takes the meds with no complaints. 

Kaden has been doing amazing at school, he’s worked so hard to catch up a academically, to all his class mates. One of the side effects of the chemo drugs was hearing loss. After a little encouragement, Kaden agreed to wear hearing aids while in class which has also helped improve his learing. This year we have encouraged Kaden to take part in the school choir & the Wakakirri (like a rockestedford). Much to his suprise he’s loved being apart of them both. Tomorrow we get to watch him perform in the chior, it’s these moments that matter the most, material things come & go but memories like these are priceless. 

Recently the boys took part in the school cross country. They both did a great job running the distance šŸ˜ƒ