Platelets & gatepass

Kaden’s platelet levels are still lower then what the doctors would like, so he received his 3rd platelet transfusion today. He still has not built any neutrophils yet so the doctors would not discharge him, however they did give Kaden a gate pass 😃

Around this time of year, there are alot of families that don’t feel like celebrating Christmas for all sorts of different reasons. However, it’s amazing how many people go all out to make Christmas as special as they can for the children who are in hospital. Yesterday Santa made a special visit to the children in the oncology ward & gave each of them a special present. 😃 This morning, we heard the roar of a few Harley Davison bikes out the front of the apartment. At first it sound like just a few, but as the minutes passed there were more & more of them. To our surprise, when we walked out the front of the hospital, it was surrounded by more then 250 bikes! It was an amazing site, there were riders dressed up as Santa’s & his helpers, toys stacked up high on the back of trailers & lots of bikes covered in tinsel! The bikes were apart of the “Bikers Australia” club who make a special drive down to the hospital to deliver toys for all the kids. I spoke to one of the organisers who informed me they had been doing it for 35 years!