Good Days at home

After a few rough days earlier this week where the K-man was in hospital due to pain and needing re-hydration, he has had a good few days at home with the family. He even managed to do some school work, and attended school from 9-12 on Thursday. He spent some quality time with Uncle Callum and Auntie Nicole, and yesterday they all got out to the movies to see Jurassic World. It was wonderful to hear Kaden and Liam giggling away together while watching 🙂

Tomorrow Kaden returns to hospital for 3 days. 2 days of in-hospital Chemo, and the third day of re-hydration. Stay strong K-man, we are all thinking of you, and send all our love and best wishes. xoxo

Kaden at School

Last Wednesday Kaden went back into his school class for a few hours.

This gave him time to do some spelling activities and spend some time with his school buddies, including his best mate Jaye-Lee. He was naturally pretty tired after his first day back, and needed a good rest afterwards. Good on your K-man; no wonder you got that Brave award. 🙂