Kaden’s chemo started yesterday. He was so good all day, eating, playing the Xbox & watching his iPad. Unfortunately, like the last round, Kaden has developed another nasty rash all over him. 😥 We were hoping that this would be his last round, however I was advised this morning the teams are keen to give him another form of chemo when we return to Perth. This has been such a long horrible year & we were looking forward to putting it all behind us. 

Cancer is a cruel disease, it doesn’t just involve chemo with its numerous side effects like hair loss, ability to walk, changing of taste buds, hearing loss but also numerous surgical procedures both big & small. It’s hard for an adult to deal with all of this, but a child? A child that should be running around with his friends, going to school, enjoying the summer at the beach but instead he is going through all of this. What I wouldn’t give to have our boy healthy again, to take all of this away & to give him the childhood that he should be having.  


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  1. Ahh buddy! Fraggel Rock and leggo… I’m sorry you not feeling good mate 😕 I’m sending all my biggest hugs and love to you 💫💙💫💙

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