The Big Reveal

Due to the risk of infection, we were told by the doctors that Kaden would not be able to swim in a public pool, however swimming would be a major benefit to Kaden’s recovery. When we returned from Sydney & took Liam to his swimming lessons, our heart would break watching Kaden’s tears flow, as he had to sit & watch Liam, do something that he wasn’t allowed to. In the end we choose to take Liam out of swimming lessons. 

Lee & I discussed ways that we could try & get Kaden back into swimming, in a safe environment. We decided that we would enquire about the cost of having a pool installed in our own yard. We knew that this was not a cheap option,but as parents you do everything you can for your children, so we set out on getting a quote done. It was at this point that we met Mike from Tropical Pools! He came out to our home & discussed the details of a pool & this is where he met Kaden. 

Little did we know, just how taken back he would be with Kaden’s story. He spoke to his wife Niamh & they set about making a plan to make Kaden’s dream come true. This massive suprise was  revealed, one morning when we were doing an interview with Chantelle from Today Tonight. To say Lee, the boys & I were overwhelmed is an understatement. There were plenty of tears of joy, when we were told that they wouldn’t only be making a pool for Kaden, they would be creating an amazing back yard blitz! Over the next few months, we met more & more people who so generously donated their time & materials to make this project the success it is today. The teams worked together at our home every spare minute they had. It was awesome to watch the pool being created & the landscaping taking place. 

To the incredible team at Tropical Pools, their contractors & all the suppliers, a massive thank you! I struggle to find the words to express the gratitude for what you have done for our sons Kaden & Liam. We are overwhelmed with your generosity which is simply out of this world. To say we’ll be forever grateful is an understatement, thank you for putting the biggest smile ever back on Kaden’s face ❤️

Please stay tuned as we’ll be adding the link for the big reveal on Today Tonight as well as progress photos of the pool! 

Living Life

Hi everyone, 

Apologies for the delay in updating this site, as a lot of you probably already know, we’ve had heaps happening 😃

We have been keeping Kaden very busy, making up for all the time lost last year,while he was in hospital. The boys recently competed in the athletics carnival at school. We’re so proud to say that they both did amazing, placing third in the sprints! 

Kaden’s school took part for the first time, in the Wakakirri production. Kaden’s school worked endlessly preparing for the production, creating props and practicing every week. The end result was absolutely fantastic, Kaden was buzzing with pride & excitement at the end of the night ❤️

Kaden dressed up as a skylader for his book week 

As you’ll know from previous posts, Kaden loves Pokémon so of course we joined the craze & followed them up to Kings Park. 

During the school holidays, we took the boys to the Royal Perth Show. They had an absolute ball going on the rides, watching the events & of course choosing their show bags 😃