Congratulations Brave Kaden

This morning Kaden paid a visit to his school and received a lovely surprise. He received an award from the school for being the BRAVEST young man in his class. It was great to see him so happy and proud (and of course proud Mum and Dad). The award stated:-

Honour Certificate Awarded to Kaden McDevitt for being the BRAVEST young man in J15! Kaden shows enormous strength and courage every single day. Through good times and tough times Kaden never gives up. He is an excellent role model and is loved by J15, who are very, very proud of him. You truly are a Super Hero K-man!

Congratulations Kaden, well deserved! Thanks so much to the Teachers and Kids from J15 at Meadow Springs Primary School for their continued support of Kaden and the family.

A Great Weekend

Kaden and family have enjoyed their best weekend in a while.

On Kaden’s request, Friday night was a big family dinner at home with take-away from the local Indian restaurant. This included, Auntie Lan, cousins Kayla & Georgia, Nana, Uncle Cam , Auntie Courtney, Auntie Cloe, Uncle Steve, Lee, Finn, and Liam. Kayla and Georgia also stayed over for a sleep-over.

On Saturday morning enjoyed a BBQ with his friends from school. He played Totem Tennis and the “Eye Found It” game. It was wonderful to see him laughing and playing with his friends, and really enjoying himself. This of course put a smile on everybodys faces. 🙂 Thanks so much to Tracey and John.

Last night, the McDevitts had a Family Movie night watching Spongbob, and having lots of snacks.

Kaden is heading in to hospital for another round of Chemo this week. This treatment will be similar to the one he received in the first two rounds.

IMG_2417 IMG_2421 IMG_2415


This week has been a tough week for the K-man and the McDevitts. Doctors warned the family that this recent round of Chemotherapy was likely to cause Kaden to feel quite sick for a few days, and unfortunately that was the case. The brave man was slowly getting on the other side of this when on Thursday night he had a temperature spike and he had to return to hospital. He will need to remain in hospital until they can manage his temperature.

Unfortunately these temperature spikes are not uncommon because the chemotherapy can cause the body’s immunity to drop to very low, and hence the body’s only defence is to increase the body temperature. Hopefully he will be able to return home again soon.

In between times, when Kaden was feeling OK, they managed to get out to spend a few hours at Timezone, as you can see from the photos.

We wish Kaden and family strength to get through this tough period. xo

And the Winners are…

On Thursday April 30th the Diamond Raffle was drawn. 🙂 Congratulations go to the following winners:-

  • 1st Prize – Diamond Valued at approx. $1000 – Driedan (ticket 15E)
  • 2nd Prize – 4 Small Pink Diamonds – Bulldog (ticket 62F)
  • 3rd Prize – Marble Bracelet. – Darren Hastings (ticket 11F)

Thank-you to all those who bought tickets; the McDevitts really appreciate your contribution and support.


Special thank-you go to Callum and Nicole for coming up with the idea, organising the raffle, and selling and distributing the ticket books. Thanks to all those that help sell the tickets.

Check back on the blog again soon as we will update with videos, and a special message soon.

Once again, congratulations to the winners; we look forward to seeing Bulldog with his 4 pink diamonds soon 😉