Still in hospital

The nurses have been busy taking Kaden’s blood on a daily basis. Testing shows that he’s still neutropenic. Due to his previous history of infection (abscess etc), the doctors have decided that until his counts start to improve they will not discharge him. From memory, it normally takes from around a week for them to start climbing again. However he also has the extra immunosuppressants on board so this may take a while longer. Today they did let Kaden out on a day pass, which has been a nice break from the hospital. We have been trying to encourage him to start eating again, he does tell us he wants to, but his tongue is still a bit sore šŸ˜¢. Due to the lack of food, we have been trying to run Kaden’s feed continually at a super low rate so that he does not loose too much weight. 

Kaden has an ultra sound booked for Monday to check the abscess & then Vincristine (chemo drug) on Tuesday.