Fun at Home

Kaden has been enjoying some family time at home the past few days. He managed to play some Xbox with Dad (who was pretty chuffed with that). Understandly theĀ K-manĀ has been rather tired, and needing plenty of sleep. At least his pain is now under control. Kaden’s Auntie Linda, and his cousins Maddy and Hannah have been over from Melbourne for a few days to see him, and give support. Last night they managed to spend some time with him at home and the girls did some puzzles with him. Good times!

Uncle Joe has been over from Melbourne for the past week (arm around Kaden in the photo), holding the fort at home for Finn & Lee, and helping to look after little Liam, running him to Kinder, etc. And Joe has done all this with a broken arm! Thanks so much Uncle Joe xoxo.