Growing Stronger

Over the past few days Kaden has been slowly increasing the size of his special nutrient feed through the feeding tube. At the same time the K-man has been having various other mealsĀ as well.Ā A big hit was Dad’s special chicken with mayonnaise. All this good work has paid off yesterday morning, when checking his weight, he had put on almost 1 kg in just a few days! That is a great achievement by Kaden, and his family. There has also been a noticeable improvement in his energy levels over the past few days. Keep up the great work guys, as the K-man grows stronger! šŸ™‚

0 thoughts on “Growing Stronger”

  1. Well done Kaden, and well done to one Daddy producing the mouth watering chicken that appealed to him and was such a success

  2. Well done kayden keep up the good work keep geting dad to make all those special things that you like to eat xxxxx

  3. Its great news Kaden that you ar gaining weight, we are all thinking and praying for you all the way over here in Ireland…I am your mums cousin and i am wishing you all the best in your recovery xxxxx

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