Round 8 in Sydney

Kaden recovered very well after his surgery and managed to spend the weekend out of hospital at the apartment in Sydney. K-man even managed to get out to see a Movie with Mum and Dad.

On Monday this week he started another round of chemotherapy in hospital at Westmead. This involves alternating between hydration and the chemo drugs. He and the family are hoping that he can return back to the apartment by Thursday night this week.

Today (Wednesday) is Kaden’s little brother Liam’s birthday. Liam flew into Melbourne today with his Uncle Callum and Auntie Nicole. He will spend a few days catching up with his grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins before he will re-unite with Mum, Dad and his big brother in Sydney. Happy 5th Birthday Liam! 🙂

Special Moments

Kaden’s recovery is progressing well. He had the epidural removed today, along with 2 cannulas (IVs). K-man was much happier once these were removed. He has been sitting up even more so as to get his lungs back working well. His pain is being managed very well, and after all that he felt like getting out in the wheelchair to get his remote control car going. Check out the lovely smile in the photo. He even managed to get out and take a few steps upstairs to check out the playground! Way to go Kaden, you are doing so well! Great job, Mum, Dad and family for all your tireless support. xo


On the 2nd day after his major surgery Kaden was up and sitting in a chair today. Sitting up helps him to expand his lungs and get them strong again. He has been having some extra oxygen to help to train his lungs to full capacity. They are closely monitoring him and his pain is being managed well.

He had a drainage tube removed today, and at this stage the plan is to allow around 7-10 days to recover from the operation, and then another round of chemo. He is continuing to show interest in eating by himself, which is great as this will help him to gain more weight, and not have to rely completely on the tube feeds.

Keep up the great work, Brave Kaden. xo

Successful Surgery

Yesterday’s surgery went very well, and the surgeons are very pleased. As you can imagine, it was a very anxious time for all the family and friends. They removed 2 nodes of cancer from his right lung, and 8 from his left. With that done now, he is now eligible to go onto the transplant list.

His recovery so far has been amazing. Not long after the 4 1/2 hour surgery he was talking to Mum and Dad. He has been a superstar, and this afternoon his was out of the ICU and back into the ward! He asked to have some KFC nuggets – which he hasn’t been able to have. The surgeon gave him the all clear, and so today he enjoyed some nuggets which he hasn’t been able to have for nearly 6 months! What an inspirational little trooper this little man and his family are! 🙂

What an awesome effort by the wonderful doctors, nurses and support teams from both PMH and Westmead Hospitals. Another big step made on the road to Kaden’s full recovery. Great effort everyone, and keep up the fight! 🙂

Good Days at home

After a few rough days earlier this week where the K-man was in hospital due to pain and needing re-hydration, he has had a good few days at home with the family. He even managed to do some school work, and attended school from 9-12 on Thursday. He spent some quality time with Uncle Callum and Auntie Nicole, and yesterday they all got out to the movies to see Jurassic World. It was wonderful to hear Kaden and Liam giggling away together while watching 🙂

Tomorrow Kaden returns to hospital for 3 days. 2 days of in-hospital Chemo, and the third day of re-hydration. Stay strong K-man, we are all thinking of you, and send all our love and best wishes. xoxo

Kaden at School

Last Wednesday Kaden went back into his school class for a few hours.

This gave him time to do some spelling activities and spend some time with his school buddies, including his best mate Jaye-Lee. He was naturally pretty tired after his first day back, and needed a good rest afterwards. Good on your K-man; no wonder you got that Brave award. 🙂

Congratulations Brave Kaden

This morning Kaden paid a visit to his school and received a lovely surprise. He received an award from the school for being the BRAVEST young man in his class. It was great to see him so happy and proud (and of course proud Mum and Dad). The award stated:-

Honour Certificate Awarded to Kaden McDevitt for being the BRAVEST young man in J15! Kaden shows enormous strength and courage every single day. Through good times and tough times Kaden never gives up. He is an excellent role model and is loved by J15, who are very, very proud of him. You truly are a Super Hero K-man!

Congratulations Kaden, well deserved! Thanks so much to the Teachers and Kids from J15 at Meadow Springs Primary School for their continued support of Kaden and the family.