Round 2 completed

Kaden finished his 2nd round of chemotherapy yesterday, and has gone back home for rest and recovery. His pain is better managed this time around, and last night he managed to sleep through the night.

At this stage he is expected to start a 3rd round of chemo in 2 weeks time. It is expected that this 3rd round will be an in-hospital stay. He needs to try very hard to stock up on his tucker in the next 2 weeks, so as to give him strength going into this next round. This is no easy feat, as the poor man is obviously not feeling his best. Mum and Dad are doing a fantastic job, trying all sorts of food and giving Kaden lots of encouragement. He has done very well so far today, having some baked beans on toast, corn chips, cheese and bacon roll, and 2 protein drinks! Keep up the great work Kaden! xoxo