Rough night

One of the many side effects of chemo, is the breakdown of the lining from your mouth down to your bowel. This can be extremely painful & cause copious amounts of thick mucus to build up in your throat. Unfortunately, Kaden was experiencing a very sore throat from this, last night. It breaks my heart to see our son in pain like this, life really is just so unfair. As parents, from the moment they are conceived, you do everything to protect your child, but how do you protect them from something as horrible as cancer, when you have no control over it. Some days, we feel so helpless, we would do anything to take all of this away, to have Kaden going to school, riding his bike, playing with his friends at the park & attending their birthday parties. Some days I sit here & think how did we get here???  Tonight when you put your kids to bed, give them an extra cuddle & let them know just how much you love them, for life as you know can change in a split second. 

Movie Adventure

After the rough night & having a car available, we decided to suprise the boys & take them to see Hotel Transylvania 2! They were both very excited when they realised what they were seeing. The movie was fantastic & very funny throughout, hearing our boys laugh & enjoying themselves is the best! 


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  1. Lee, it breaks my heart too. Life can be very cruel. You are all being so supportive and giving him as many enjoyable moments as he can manage. You hold fast. Hugs and more hugs.

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