Kaden’s Super Teacher and Classmates

Below is a picture of the front cover of a book created by Kaden’s classmates at Meadow Springs Primary School J15. Each member of the class contributed to the story. Kaden’s teacher Jen Donahue, has kept in contact with Kaden and the family on a weekly basis, visiting him in hospital, and coming on the weekends to visit him at home. This book is a wonderful way to keep the connection going with school and his classmates, as well as being great for reading, and narrative writing. Warm thank goes to Jen, and the class of J15. xoxo

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  1. What a great school kaden goes to keep up the good work kids and teachers kaden will love all this and something to keep when he is strong and well I am sure he will be very happy to come back and play with all his mates xxxx

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