Round 3 starts

Kaden will be starting his 3rd round of chemotherapy on Tuesday (7/4). This will be a different set of chemotherapy drugs from the first 2 rounds. It is expected that he will remain in hospital for the 5 days of this treatment round. Hopefully he will be returning home again on Saturday night. Since being on the feeding tube, for about 10 days now, he has managed to regain back around 2 kilograms in weight. This is a great achievement, and this will provide him with the extra strength needed, going into this next round. We all sending our love, strength and best wishes to Kaden and the family for this time. xoxo

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  1. All the best Kaden for your next round of treatment. Ursula, Frank and I are following your progress every day on this blog and sending you all our best wishes for your speedy recovery. Thank you to the writers of this blog for sharing Kaden ‘s journey with all of us. We all really care and want to know how he is going.

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