Round 3 Update

Hello Everyone. Just a quick update on Kaden’s progress through this 3rd round of chemotherapy. Kaden has been alternating between the chemo drugs, and a saline drip since Tuesday. So far, so good. At this stage we are hopeful that he will return home tomorrow (Friday) night. This will obviously depend on how he reacts to the treatment. This treatment has more of a tendency to cause nausea, which the wee man has experienced. They are monitoring this closely to make sure he is as comfortable as possible.

Kaden has been keeping himself busy watching movies, playing Clash of Clans on his iPad, doing some more puzzles, and playing some xbox (he managed to get some new games). 01e5d202019ef34a114f1495ee95bfc47413c05793 012dab9a8fc6815eeff3d13e163f90c80f651b97b1

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