This morning the lovely people at Chipmunks opened their Play Centre in Mandurah early so that Kaden and Liam, and a couple of special friends could have the place to themselves. By all accounts this was the best morning that Kaden and the family have all had in a long time. It is so fantastic that Kaden was able to get out and do some of the normal things a 7-year-old boy would be doing. Thanks so much to the staff at Chipmunks for giving the family this opportunity. Happy Easter everyone! xoxo012dcc77bad52c5a694677d41615661d755326bc09

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  1. Great Kaden, well done chipmonks for being so thoughtful, is hard when we have children that can’t be around a lot of people because of germs and infections. Keep on keeping on mate xxxxxxx the hug lady

  2. We loved spending Easter morning with Kaden, Liam,Finn and Lee and family and friends Jesse loved spending time with his best mate Kaden xxxxx

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