Tough Times

At the time of writing this Kaden is back in Princess Margaret hospital. Unfortunately, even for this brave little man the pain became too unbearable. His pain is mainly around his belly, down to the top of his legs. At this stage they suspect that one of the Chemotherapy drugs could be the cause of this terrible pain (and that this is not an uncommon side effect of the treatment).

Even at the hospital they have had a hard time to get his pain under control for him. At last count they have put him on an I.V. drug for pain relief. We are all hoping that this gives the wee man (and his family) some relief. Our hearts go out to everyone.

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  1. Oh dear Kaden, I do pray that you are soon getting the relief you deserve. Love to you && Mummy & Daddy (&Liam) xxxxx the hug lady

  2. Awww wee man! Fingers crossed the pain is controlled soon and you can get some rest. Thinking of you all everyday. Xxx

  3. Big big love to you all, so sorry to hear that Kaden is in lots of pain right now. Thinking of you and sending lots of healing hugs your way xxxxx

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