Round 1 Completed

Kaden completed his first round of chemotherapy yesterday. His spirits lifted knowing that he would be going home with his family, and back into his own room, for the first time in 2 weeks. Mum, Dad and Liam were also very much looking forward to it.

This will give him a break from the chemo for about 2 weeks, when he will return to hospital for Round 2.

His first night at home was quite a rough one for him and family. He was in a lot of pain during the night in his tummy, and eventually they decided to return to hospital this morning. An x-ray found that he has a big gas bubble in his tummy. He really needs to go the toilet and do a big fart 😉

He is back at home again tonight, and hopefully they will all have a better night.

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  1. So glad you are able to be home for a couple of weeks Kaden, and that you get to have a really good sleep in your own bed. Love to you and Liam, hugs to Mum and Dad ……………….from the Hug Lady

  2. hello Kaden, 🙂 you be strong little man hope to meet you one day 😉 i met your mum, and grandma and auntie today what a great family sending you all love and lots of strength your way xxx

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