Rough Road Continues…

Kaden has continued to have a rough time. On Friday, his biopsy was cancelled again after they discovered that Kaden is now neutropenic (no immune system) and was also spiking a temperature. As normal protocol they started to administer antibiotics on top of the meds that he was already having. Not long after being given the antibiotic, Kaden started to complain of stomach cramps. A stool sample was taken & today we were told that he has an infection caused by the antibiotics he was on, so they have now added another antibiotic on top of those ones. Our poor little fella has been in so much pain & there’s only so much of the pain meds they can give him. We hope the new antibiotic works quickly & that he’s feeling better tomorrow. 

0 thoughts on “Rough Road Continues…”

  1. Praying for good outcome from these Antibiotics. You are all my prayers as you travel this journey with Kaden xxxxxLots of Hugs

  2. What a little trooper…….I trust he will be on the mend soon…sending prayers for Kaden and family

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