Busy week and long weekend

Earlier this week Kaden was feeling pretty miserable, like all of usĀ he isĀ eager to go home to Perth. We have been trying to keep him busy andĀ distracted as much as possible to help pass the time.Ā This week, the boys helped build a paper macheĀ volcano, then excitedly got to see it erupt using bicarb and vinegar. The boys had a great time painting the volcano, it’s always so good seeing them play and create things together.


On Friday, Kaden got a special surprise when he returned to his room after a ride outside to see it was decorated in the Hawks colours, a special thanks go’s out to Craig, Georgia, Kayla and Alanna for the decorating šŸ™‚

A little bit of the decorations
A little bit of the decorations

On Saturday morning, the doctors seeing that we’re pretty big Hawks supporters, decided they would let Kaden out of the hospital for the day to watch the mighty Hawks. We were all so excited to have Kaden back at the apartment and to feel like a normal family again šŸ™‚ We only had one small slip up with Kaden’s feeding tube coming out but I go to snap this gorgeous photo of him before they put it back in, such a handsome boy šŸ™‚




At the current count, Kaden is on 8 different daily meds and one other 3 times a week. We’re hoping that some of these drugs will be removedĀ soon and that he will only have to continue toĀ take one or two. A positive side effect of one of these drugs is that it helps increase your appetite šŸ™‚ Over the last few days, Kaden’s appetite has been amazing! HeĀ is discovering that he likes a lot of the foods that he use to which is great, as it encourages his body to get into the normal pattern of eating food again rather then relying on liquid feeds to sustain his weight. Lee and I are eagerly waiting for Kaden’s boost in eating to start showing up on the scales šŸ™‚


PokĆ©mon, DigimonĀ & anime cartoons.

Kaden has taken a huge liking to these type of cartoons. If anyone has any old seasons of these shows or other cartoon animeĀ they no longer use or that we could please borrow to help keep Kaden occupied that would be great and very much appreciated, as we are having trouble tracking these shows down in the shops or on line šŸ™‚