Amazing Movement!

Kaden’s mobility the last couple of days has been amazing! Yesterday morning he decidedĀ to take it upon himself to walk up and down the stairs at our apartment.Ā  Over the last week he was able to make it upĀ & down between 5 & 8 stairs at a time, but yesterday he walked up & down 4 flights of stairs,Ā 4 times! Lee and I couldn’t be prouder! Everyday he is getting more and more confident and of course we’re seeing Kaden’sĀ cheeky side again.Ā šŸ™‚


Much to the boys surprise, they are both enjoying school. Kaden even made a friend today which is fantastic! As the boys are only doing half days at school, it gave us the afternoon to head down to the shops and have a walk around. Kaden and Liam even sat on the seat together.


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