Check up & School

Due to the wet weather over the last few days, we have stayed around the apartments. This morning Kaden had another finger prick & general check up with the doc. Mid morning tomorrow he will be going for an MRI as part of the liver transplant work up. We’re also a bit excited to see that our big boy has started to grow some hair again as well as eyebrows and eyelashes ­čÖé


This morning Liam attended the hospital school for the first time & had a great morning. He made a star chart, played outside and even achieved a star to put on his chart for being ‘respectful’ ­čÖé

The school consists of one big classroom and has kids who are admitted to the┬áhospital as well as their siblings.┬áToday we received the official go ahead that Kaden can also attend this class so that the can catch up on the school work that his class is doing back in WA. Kaden is not too excited about the idea of attending school & having to do work again (besides the homework he does with us) but we’re sure that he will begin to enjoy school again and interacting with kids his age.

This afternoon the boys enjoyed spending time together watching a new cartoon ­čÖé