Finally Together Again

Today was a big day all round. Lee and Kaden ventured up to the local shops and picked up a cake for Liam’s homecoming as well as¬† attending a meeting with the liver transplant co-ordinator. We are aiming to have Kaden officially on the transplant list anywhere from next week onwards. There’s been lots of tests done and more to go to make sure that the liver Kaden receives is the perfect one! We’re slowly getting closer to having our boy healthy again, as you can imagine, we can’t wait to see Kaden running around, enjoying life and being cancer free!

Today I flew down to Melbourne to pick up Liam. To see Liam’s smile and be able to give him a hug was truly¬†the most wonderful¬†feeling. We have missed Liam so much and to see the boys back together again has brightened our world significantly. They had a huge cuddle when they first saw each other and Liam has been more then happy to do anything that Kaden asks him to do, such a gorgeous site to see.


A massive thank you go’s out to our wonderful family and friends¬†for being so supportive while we have been on this journey. Although this journey has been so hard to understand and come to terms with, without the support of our family and friends, it would be so much harder. We are truly great full for all that you do for us, from the daily messages of support and encouragement to everyone flying around Australia.

A special thanks to everyone that has looked after Liam while we have been settling in, here in Sydney. Knowing that he was looked after and loved so much has been a huge weight off our shoulders. Thank you so so so much xx

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