Yesterday afternoon, Kaden developed a rash on the back of his head that was starting to spread down his back. He didn’t seem too bothered by it until late last night when he began to get itchy.Ā Just beforeĀ 1am we called the oncology team and made theĀ trip over to the hospital to get him checked. Unlike WA who have the oncology clinic in the same area as the ward, if the kids from oncology hereĀ are sick, they have to go to Emergency which we weren’t too excited about. However when we did arrive the nurses from the ward had already called down to Emergency and we were brought into an isolation area away from all the other sick kids. After about an hour the doc came and looked Kaden over, she was happy that the rash didn’t look to suspicious as he wasn’t showing any other signs such as fever etc. We finally walked back in the door around 2am all very tired and ready for bed.

After catching up on some much needed zzz’s, Kaden was ready to hit the road and get out for a while. He was keen to go to a play centre, however to us those places are breeding grounds for germs so that was out of the question, much to Kaden’s disgust. Having to restrict Kaden from places like this and explaining why is just one small part of this cancer journey.As you can imagine he gets very frustrated with the restrictions but again its part and parcel of keeping him as germ free as possible. Instead we were able to negotiate and go to the movies during school hours to againĀ avoid as many people as possible. We went and saw Fantastic 4, as great as Marval movies normally are, this one let the team down. But on an up side it’s always good to get out and about!

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  1. Hopefully he will be able to run amok wherever he feels like soon. It must be so hard trying to get him to understand all this. Much love to you all xxx

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