Round 7

Kaden recently completed round 7 of his chemo. Like previous chemo’s, this round stripped his immune system and he was readmitted back into PMH for 5 days due to a temperature spike.

Since returning home, Kaden has spent a lot of time relaxing and watching movies and TV shows on his Ipad. He has since discovered he has a love of the Pokémon cartoon. He liked Pokémon so much, he requested a trip to the shops to purchase some Pokémon figurines that he now has displayed in his room.

We would like to thank everyone for the ongoing support and gifts that we have received, we are all so very grateful. We have even had some friends shave their much loved hair!

One of the people that shaved his locks is Matt. He arranged to have a fancy dress day and also allowed his mates to colour and shave his hair into all sorts of funny shapes. The day was a huge success with lots of laughs. Thank you Matt for surrendering your locks for Kaden!

A big thank you to Kara and Jordan for also shaving their heads. With funds raised they purchased puzzles, Lego, dinosaur toys and board games, the boys have had a great time playing with the toys and have created some funny looking dinosaurs.

We would also like to thank everyone for the special gifts that have travelled all the way from Melbourne, the smile that it puts on Kaden and Liam’s faces warms our hearts.

This year, Kaden’s teacher Jen, took part in the Perth and HBF Marathons. This is a very long and tiring race that she had been training for quite some time. On completing this race, Jen received two medals, thinking of Kaden and Liam during this race, she decided that upon completion she would give the boys her medals. Kaden, Liam and family would like thank you for this very kind gesture as we understand the strength and determination it takes to complete such a long race.

Kaden has been booked in for a CT next week, from this, the doctors will advise if he is ready to travel to Sydney for surgery. The doctors have not yet confirmed If Kaden will be having a re-section or a liver transplant.

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  1. Think of you often Kaden and wondering how you are going. Hope all well result wise from the CT this week. xxxxxxx The Hug Lady

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