Trip to Sydney

Last week we received a call advising that Kaden’s lungs were clear from the infection previously detected on a CT. They officially gave us the go ahead to fly to Sydney on Sunday. The week has been busy confirming flights, accommodation, medications, feeding bags etc. We will be staying at a self contained apartment across the road from the hospital which we are pleased with, as it will give us some family time together away from the hospital when kaden is well enough to come out.

We have been advised by the liver nurse in Sydney,Ā that they will be conducting tests on Kaden next week, in preparation for a liver transplant. The transplant has still not been confirmed,Ā  however they like to get everything organised just in case this is the path they will take.

Kaden will also be undergoing surgery on his lung on Wednesday,Ā to remove a small dot that has not yet disappeared with chemo. We’re hopingĀ  that this dot will be removed via key hole surgery, so that his recovery is quicker. In preparation for Kaden’s surgery’s, we have been busyĀ helping him to gain weight. He’s been doing a great job on his feeds through the NG tube and also showing interest in eating, this has made Lee and I very happy.

Kaden has had a good time at home. With each day he has been up and about more, as I’m writing this, he is singing which is fantastic, as this indicates that he’s feeling better. He’s enjoyed playing the xbox and watching any cartoon tv series he can get his hands on as well as spending some quality time with his little brother Liam.

Brotherly fun!
Brotherly fun!


Check out that cheeky smile ;)
Check out that cheeky smile šŸ˜‰