Kaden’s surgery

Yesterday we met with Kaden’s surgeons. What we thought was going to be key hole surgery has now turned out to be major surgery. They will be making an incision on either side of Kaden’s back to access his lungs to make sure there is no living cancer left. If any cancer is found, they will cut it out. Without this operation & confirming all the cancer is dead, the doctors can not put Kaden on the liver transplant waiting list. Once the surgery is completed, Kaden will be placed into ICU to ensure his pain is managed. This operation is booked to take place around lunch time tomorrow.

Due to the change in the lung operation & Kaden requiring a transplant, we will now be staying in Sydney for months instead of weeks!

We are slowly getting our heads around the operation’s & Sydney being our home for a while but like Lee & I say, this is just the next step to getting Kaden healthy & cancer free.