Penguin Island & holidays 

Since moving to Perth, we had not done too much exploring. So this year we decided we were going to change that & see as much as we can! As the term was coming to an end, Kaden’s class had an excursion to penguin island & lucky for me I was allowed to go along too 😃 Kaden was so excited that I was going along & we even got a selfie! 

We have been very busy during the school holidays. Nana & great grandma came to visit so the boys were busy exploring all the local playgrounds & getting spoilt which they loved. A few months ago, a very special person in Kaden’s life sent an entry into the Good Guys Superkid competition. On Monday, we received the exciting news that he had won in his division! He was presented with a galaxy tablet & a special cape at Good Guys in Mandurah. He has also been placed in the running for the National Finalist. 

Kaden’s running has been improving so much, he’s getting so fast now & almost running normal which he is so excited about 😃

On Monday, we had our monthly check up with oncology, the liver team & also audiology. Depending on how Kaden progresses & his liver numbers, they may be able to spread these out further 😃

We all had such a great time away at Rottness with Camp Quality, that Kaden was excited to go on another camp with them. Last weekend he went to the jungle themed weekend in Hillary’s. We were able to track down this cool onesie for the disco night. Kaden had an amazing time running around with all the other kids & liked Jess his volunteer partner. Camp Quality are truly a very special organisation, they bring such happiness to all the kids they help & meet. If you see them, stop & say hello the work that they do is invaluable 😃 For more information about Camp Quality please visit their website. 



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