Easter weekend & Rottness Island

Last weekend we went away with the amazing Camp Quality Team. We all had such a fabulous time which is just what we needed. There were 11 other families who were also away for the weekend. To see our boys smiling, riding bikes kicking the footballs was absolutely precious. They loved seeing the quokkas, the boat ride over & espically the aqua park. Kaden was in his element, playing with all the kids & testing his balance on the blow up water obstacles. 

Due to the wet weather, we had a pretty quiet Easter weekend. The boys were so excited to wake up to their chocolate bunnies & hunt around the house for eggs. Today they surprised me by finding more that they had missed on Sunday 😃

Last week, Kaden made us very proud by achieving an Honor certificate at school. He was proud as punch & his smile was one of the biggest I have ever seen ❤️

Kaden has started back on the target thearpy drug at half a dose. He is still getting a little bit of a rash but as long as it remains mild, he should still be able to continue to take it. We have also been busy attending weekly physio appointments. It’s a struggle to get Kaden to do his stretches several times a day but he’s slowly coming around to the idea 😃







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