Weekend at home! 

Late last weekend, Kaden started to develop a rash. On Monday, Kaden went into PMH for his weekly check up. The rash was shown to both teams (oncology & liver) who both were not too worried about it. As the week went on, the rash started to look redder & nastier. We were pretty sure it was a result of the new drug Kaden has been on. We contacted oncology again & sent through photos & also took Kaden back into PMH for a review. The oncology team has advised us to stop given Kaden the new drug so his body can recover. Once his skin has settled down, they will look at starting him back up on it at a lower dose. 

Day one

  Day two. The rash was all over him & even through his hair 😢
Day three (first day without drug)


As you can see from the pics above, his skin is slowly improving.

During the week, we also received a call from “Make a wish”. They will be coming to meet Kaden in early March. Kaden hasn’t yet decided what he wants to do for his wish as he’s still very restricted in regards to public swimming, waterslides, travelling etc. 

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