Camp Quality weekend

We have had a busy, fun couple of weeks. Last week, Liam received a Honour certificate at school. We were so happy & excited for him. This week Kaden received a very special Valentines gift from his gorgeous friend Jay-Lee. 

On the weekend we spent some time with the Camp Quality crew. They do such an amazing job organising fun events. We went & saw “The little mermaid” in Kwinanna on Saturday. As part of the Camp Quality guests, the boys were able to meet the cast & take photos. On Sunday, we joined in with the other families at the Mandurah boating & fishing club where we went out on the boats, fished & the boys took part in gold search. At the end of the day, the boys were each given their own fishing rod 😃We all had such a fantastic weekend enjoying the activities 😃 

Today we received a call from the gastro team. They are happy with Kaden’s liver numbers & now only wanting to see him fortnightly 😃



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  1. It is great to see photos of Kaden with colour in his face.To find it is now only every fortnight is fabulous. Happy Days!!!

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