Oncology visit & Exercise

We set off very early on Wednesday morning for Kaden’s MRI & oncology visit. Overall the meeting went well. He’s got lots of follow up tests to do next week CT, audiology etc. From these tests & discussion with the liver team, they will decide if they will put him on an oral drug for 6-12 months as an extra precaution.

Being such nice weather, we decided to venture out & get fish n chips on the beach. While waiting, the boys had a play at the park. Kaden is coming along in leaps & bounds, he climbed the rock wall, slide & was even balancing on the ropes. After a little while he spotted a boy & his mum playing cricket & said he wanted to play. They family was really lovely & let him join in. Before we knew it, other kids at the park also wanted to join in. It was so good to see Kaden enjoying being a normal kid šŸ˜ƒ