Oncology visit & Exercise

We set off very early on Wednesday morning for Kaden’s MRI & oncology visit. Overall the meeting went well. He’s got lots of follow up tests to do next week CT, audiology etc. From these tests & discussion with the liver team, they will decide if they will put him on an oral drug for 6-12 months as an extra precaution.

Being such nice weather, we decided to venture out & get fish n chips on the beach. While waiting, the boys had a play at the park. Kaden is coming along in leaps & bounds, he climbed the rock wall, slide & was even balancing on the ropes. After a little while he spotted a boy & his mum playing cricket & said he wanted to play. They family was really lovely & let him join in. Before we knew it, other kids at the park also wanted to join in. It was so good to see Kaden enjoying being a normal kid šŸ˜ƒ


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  1. Wonderful to read of his progress and being able to be back to being a “normal” if there is such a thing kid playing in the park. Prayers for his continuing improvement in his health. so lovely you are all able to be home again in WA

  2. I’m so happy to read this, it’s good that Kaden is getting his strength back and finally able to do normal boy things xxx

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