Gate passes & Chemo

Yesterday, Kaden had his ultra sound. It showed that there was still around 60ml of fluid beside his liver. The surgeon has reassured us that this is ok & pretty normal. Last night they decided to take the drain out, as having it in can also lead to infection. Kaden was very nervous about it being taken out but as expected, when it was all taking place he was a superstar as usual 😃 Once Kaden was a bit more relaxed about the drain being taken out, he decided he was hungry. As per normal, Lee cooked Kaden a bit of chicken & he polished it off no worries 👍🏻 Kaden decided after the chicken, he was hungry for a small snack, I suggested some chips from the vending machine. To my suprise, Kaden was keen on a walk. Kaden showed me just how confident he’s getting with walking. When we entered the ward he was even doing a dance, entertaining the nurses & making them laugh 😀 

Today we were advised that the doctors are ready to start chemo. Kaden was booked in to begin tomorrow, but it has now been delayed until Monday. We have been assured that we will still be granted gate passes over the weekend 😀 


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