This week hasĀ been a tough week for the K-man and the McDevitts. Doctors warned the family that this recent round of Chemotherapy was likely to cause Kaden to feel quite sick for a few days, and unfortunately that was the case. The brave manĀ was slowly getting on the other side of this when on Thursday night he had a temperature spike and he had to return to hospital. He will need to remain in hospital until they can manage his temperature.

Unfortunately these temperature spikes are not uncommon because the chemotherapy can cause the body’s immunity to drop to very low, and hence the body’s only defence is to increase the body temperature. Hopefully he will be able to return home again soon.

In between times, when Kaden was feeling OK, they managed to get out to spend a few hours at Timezone, as you can see from the photos.

We wish Kaden and family strength to get through this tough period. xo

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  1. Thinking of you all, hope you soon pick up again Kaden. I will be back in PMH next week helping look after Kai again who is going back in for 3 weeks with his CF.xxxxxxxxx The Hug Lady

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