Recovery & Results

Kaden did not go into surgery till late yesterday afternoon, his surgery took just over an hour. When we were able to see him in recovery, he was pretty upset & hungry as they had starved him all day. Due to the huge amount of pus that had to be drained, the surgeon has left a drain in which they are aiming to take out on Friday. The pus was tested & it appears to be caused by a bug that comes from his gut, however they are not able to name it as yet & will continue to watch just incase it grows anything else. The doctors have him on an antibiotic that will help kill this bug & heal the abscess. We have not yet received any details on the result of his biopsy, we have been told that it should be available tomorrow afternoon. Overall Kaden had a pretty good night considering all he had gone through yesterday & was so happy when he finally got to enjoy the burger from McDonalds that he had created himself 😃

We seem to be having setback after setback & days like today & yesterday make it hard to keep our chins up 😢 We know that we will get home one day, but but it has been such a tough 9 months. 


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