Clinic & blood test

Kaden enjoyed his weekend at the apartment even tho we didn’t venture out. He was feeling pretty average last night & this morning running a low fever, but has now improved & is asking for something to eat 😃

On Monday, Kaden was booked in for a blood test, as usual he was a superstar getting it done. Yesterday afternoon we received the call that his tac level had dropped again & that we would need to increase the dose. Some of Kaden’s levels have improved, however there is one that just doesn’t seem to want to budge and until these levels are all good, they will not let us go home to Perth. Our gastro team with be talking with our surgeons to see if they can come up with a reason & solution to this issue. 

Kaden is booked in for another ultra sound on Tuesday & will be going under on Thursday at the adult hospital to have his stent reviewed. This procedure will tell them if it is able to be removed or if another one will need to be put back in. 


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