Physio & Temperature Spikes

Last night, we were on watch for a temperature spike. In the past when Kaden has the cisplatin round and it has stripped his immune system, it has only been a matter of time before he has spiked a temperature and been admitted back into the hospital for fluids and antibiotics. Kaden’s temperature did return to normal however, it rose slightly again today so we have stayed home for the afternoon as a precaution.

This morning Kaden had his weekly physio, again he was very hesitant in doing the activates set out by the physio. In this session, they had a log swing hanging from the ceiling and about a foot off the ground so it was low enough for kaden to sit on comfortably. He was not keen at all on sitting on this swing as his balance is not what it use to be. The swing is an important part of his physio treatment as it helps to gradually strengthen his core muscles so that he will begin to stand up straight again. While on the swing, he slowly built up the confidence to sit on it by himself and throw some hoops onto a wooden stand, he even managed to get four on at once which he was pretty proud of!. These are only small steps along that way but they are also so important in getting our son strong again 🙂

We have also been taking Liam exploring. We went to the hospital playground where he met another little boy his age. They had a great time together running around and climbing the equipment, it was so good to see Liam having some fun 🙂

Getting ready for physio!
Getting ready for physio!


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