Special Moments

Kaden’s recovery is progressing well. He had the epidural removed today, along with 2 cannulas (IVs). K-man was much happier once these were removed. He has been sitting up even more so as to get hisĀ lungs back working well. His pain is being managed very well, and after all thatĀ he felt like getting out in the wheelchair to get his remote control car going. Check out the lovely smile in the photo. He even managed to get out and take a few steps upstairs to check out the playground! Way to go Kaden, you are doing so well! Great job, Mum, Dad and family for all your tireless support. xo

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  1. Hello Kaden and family, I was part of the 24hr minecraft livestream crew that supported Kaden .. I wanted to say thank you .. Not only for the fact that I have met some amazing people due to that livestream but .. because you all continue to inspire me especially Kaden… Stay strong buddy and keep fighting on you got a lot of people all over the world in your corner .. on a lighter note .. when I was a kid DragonBall Z was an awesome TV series I enjoyed, in his spare time Kaden could watch that .. thanks for the inspiration guys <3

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