Hospital Update

Kaden will continue with his 4th day of chemotheropy treatment today Princess Margeret Hospital in Subiaco, Perth. The plan at the moment is to give him 5 days of chemo, and then take a break. He may even be able to come home for a few days after that!

Arnott’s Biscuits, yum!

The poor little man has not been well enough to eat, although he did manage to munch on some arnott biscuits yesterday (see photo). What a trooper! As a result of Ā not being able to eat very much, he is now being fed his vital nutrients via a feeding tube.

He has various medical teams managing his overall treatment. Through blood tests they have found that he is low on antibodies, and he will be undergoing a blood transfusion at some stage soon.

He has had various visitors, including his past and present school teachers from Meodow Springs Primary School; including the School’s Principal.

Thanks everyone, keep up the fantastic support!